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PBA 1450

The first standalone Pile Top Rig in the world


The PBA 1450 is specially designed for the offshore wind industry.

DDC innovative idea's are translated and constructed by MHWirth resulting in the PBA 1450. When combined with an adjustable Bottom Hole Assembly, DDC can drill conical monopiles while standing alone and the installation vessel can install the next monopile. The special designed Bottom Hole Assembly for conical monopiles can be adjusted to different diameters.

The first standalone pile top drilling rig in the world


Completely self supporting:
All facilities on board to carry out continuous drilling around the clock. Welfare facilities for a 12 hour stay

One piece installation:
Drill rig, Extension Piece and BHA installed on the monopile in one lift. Saves installation time

No continuous need for installation vessel:
Once installed, the crane ship can continue normal installation work.


  • Up to 8 m diameter borehole
  • Self Supporting Drill Unit
  • Suitable for offshore drilling