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PBA 408

Containerized drill rig

pba408 index.jpg

The PBA 408 can be transported in containers to every project all over the world.

This little machine is very versatile. It is the most used pile top drill rig for nearshore projects like jetties, combi walls, mooring piles etc. The PBA 408 can also drill raking piles. For offshore it can drill oil and gas jackets. This machine is the smallest type of the MHWirth pile top drilling rigs. The PBA 408 uses airlift to discharge the cuttings to the surface.

Containerized drill rig for ideal mobilization

Technical data:

Maximum opening drill floor: 1.3 m

Maximum drilling diameter: 1.8 m

Maximum power swivel torque: 81 kNm

Maximun drill string weight: 40 T

Drill rig weight: 17 T