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PBA 615

Newest drill rig specially developed to lower its weights

PBA 615.jpg

This new powerful pile top drill rig combines a small footprint with light weight to achieve your drilling targets faster.

With an improved power swivel, the new PBA 615 allows you to drill with higher torque. Compared to previous units at the same performance level, the PBA 615 achieves its performance with just one motor instead of two, resulting in reduced weight. This, in addition to several weight saving design improvements, reduces your expenses on site, e.g. for crane and casings capacities.

Newest drill rig specially developed to lower its weight

Technical data:

Maximum opening drill floor: 2.0 m

Maximum drilling diameter: 2.7 m

Maximum power swivel torque: 150 kNm

Maximum drill string weight: 60 T

Drill rig weight: 19 T


PBA 615b.jpg