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PBA 818

Good performer

PBA 818a.jpg

Strong Pile top drill rig for medium diameter piles

This drill rig is ideally suited for 1,5 meter up to 2,5 meter diameter. All PBA rigs work with the RCD system, Reverse Circulation. This system is also known as airlift. It is a robust and proven system that is highly efficient to discharge the drilling cuttings. The PBA 818 can operate on- and offshore in all kind of environments. The PBA 818 is the latest  addition to the 800 series of pile top drilling rigs.

Good performer

Technical data:

Maximum opening drill floor: 2.5 m

Maximum drilling diameter: 3.0 m

Maximum power swivel torque: 180 kNm

Maximun drill string weight: 90 T

Drill rig weight: 27 T


PBA 818a.jpg