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Baltic II

ArGe Baltic 2 Foundations
Rostock, Baltic sea, Germany
Mono piles
PBA 936
baltic 2 index.JPG

The Baltic 2 project consist of 41 jackets en 39 mono-piles. DDC was standby for the event the monopiles could not reach the final depth by vibration. Due the different depth of water, each monopole is produced with different dimensions.


Drilling 4,6 to 6,5m diameter mono piles with one BHA

There are in total 5 different diameters. The engineering department of DDC designed a Bottom Hole Assembly which could drill all the different diameters. For this project we used the PBA 936.

Baltic 2 is the first project where they used XXL mono-piles. The biggest pile was 73,5 meters long and weighted 930 ton.

Baltic 2 monopile.jpg