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Burbo Bank

Mammoet Van Oord JV
Irish Sea, UK
Mono piles
PBA 933
Burbo1 index.JPG

In 2006 Mammoet van Oord as a subcontractor of MTHøjgaard pile-drove and drilled 25 giant foundations for this offshore wind farm of the west coast of Britain.

Our first Offshore Wind Farm project

These foundations have been successfully installed from the Jumping Jack by the end of July 2006. The foundations were placed on Burbo Flats in Liverpool Bay Area approximately 8 km North West of Liverpool; UK.

Both conventional and inclined boreholes perpendicular to the rock bedding were undertaken to allow a new rock slope face to be designed.

After a long offshore career this was the first Offshore Wind Farm Dutch Drilling Consultants worked on.

This job was executed with the Wirth PBA 933 with a large diameter drill bit. This PBA933 is hydraulically driven by a Power pack and works with the reverse air lift drilling principal.