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Goodwyn "A" Jacket

Heerema Marine Contractors
Northwest shelf, Australia
Jacket piles
Special Pile Top Drill rig
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In 1993 Woodside Offshore Petroleum Pty. Ltd completed construction of the Goodwyn “A” steel jacket offshore platform which is piled to the seafloor in 130 m deep water on the Northwest Shell of Australia.

Due to difficult soil conditions the jacket was primary founded with 2,65 m diameter piles driven to a depth of 116m below the mudline. Followed by 2,0 m diameter insert piles drilled and grouted to a depth of 181m below the mudline.

On request of Heerema a special top dril rig was designed by Wirth and DDC to meet the specified drill rig features. Such as:

  • stroke of 10m to suit 9m dril pipe.
  • top head drive with air, water & discharge swivels
  • 200mT pull capacity
  • reverse circulation principle
  • 300mm internal diameter water course
  • bottom hole assembly diameter 2500mm
  • tilting mast with hoist cylinders fully enclosed in mast legs
goodwyn jacket.jpg