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Monaco pier

La Condamine Harbour, Monaco
Mooring piles
PBA 810
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To enlarge the La Condime harbor the largest floating seawall in the world was built for the Principality of Monaco. It provides a place to dock 200 m cruise liners.


The 350 m long concrete seawall floats in the water and is hold in place by chains attached to steel piles driven into the seafloor.

Subcontractor Seaway Heavy Lifting installed and driven the 10 steel piles for this floating seawall using the 2500 Mt crane vessel Stanislav Yudin.

Because of years of experience DDC was asked to standby with the top drill rig Wirth PBA810/2000 in case of early refusal.
The PBA810 is hydraulically driven by a powerpack with max torque of 100kNm. For this project three drill bit bodies where
choosen with reversed circulation flat bottom with effective cutting diameters 850mm, 1372mm and 1650mm suitable to drill hard and medium abrasive formations.