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Parking Garage

Ballast Nedam
The Hague, The Netherlands
Tension piles
PBA 815
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The Parking garage Anna van Bueren is part of the New Babylon project nearby the The Hague Central Station.

Two of the foundation piles were leaking and due to the groundwater pressure 20 cubic meter sand was pushed out through these piles. To prevent more sand coming out a grout plug was placed. When this grout plug had to be removed for inserting tension piles

DDC was requested to do so. A backyard game for DDC, while normally working all over the world this was a new experience. In the middle of the city center we drilled out the 2 grout plugs giving the client the option to complete their job.

Working on this small job site asked for special solutions for mobilization and preparation. Also a closed circulation system for the discharge and water supply was made.