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Samsung Windturbine

Graham Constructions
Fife energy park, Methill, Scotland
Jackets for windturbine and gangway
PBA 815, PBA 936
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Korean giant Samsung Heavy Industries is to base its first European offshore wind project in Fife .Therefore a test and demonstration 7MW Wind turbine is built, located 45m from the coast of the Fife Energy Park in Methill Scotland.


Samsungs first offshore windturbine

DDC was requested to drill oversized holes for casing piles for 4 turbine jacket piles OD 2642 mm, length 37 m and 4 catwalk piles OD 1150 mm, length 17 m.

The maximum allowable inclination of the casing piles is 0,1°. This job is executed with a PBA 936 for the jacket pile casings and a PBA 815 for the catwalk pile casings. To measure the inclinational deviation during drilling an inclinometer was used measuring the deviation of the drill-string at regular intervals. Using our standard bitt plate configuration, the achieved inclination over 37 m is 0,07°.

drill rigs.jpg