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Satah Al Razboot (SARB)

Valentine Marine
Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi
Jackets and anchoring piles
PBA 408, PBA 612
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SARB is a new field development off the northwest coast of Abu Dhabi. Oil and gas winning will be performed from two artificial islands (SARB1 and SARB2) with the well fluids sent by subsea pipeline to a facility on Zirku Island for processing, storage, and export.


Versatile drilling in hot conditions

Near each island we drilled the holes for flare and riser platform jackets. Valentine Marine used there own PBA 408 drill rig which were operated by DDC personnel. The jackets had straight legs. First the pilot hole was drilled, after that the hole was made wider by the air driven under-reamer.

For a SPM Buoy system we drilled the anchoring piles with the PBA 612. All operations where done from the barge DLB 1600.

sarb jacket.jpg