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Test shaft, Wirth

AkerSolutions, Wirth
Erkelenz, Germany
PBA 936
test shaft 1 index.jpg

In April 2010 on the Aker-Wirth test site a shaft is drilled for a globally unique facility of testing drilling components. The intent is to pre-test the components under real conditions.

This saves the customer time and therefore money because everything has already been tested and the components are ready for use after delivery.

To drill and to install the metal casing for the 50 m deep test shaft the new Aker-Wirth, 360kNm, hydraulically driven top drill rig PBA936 was used. Aker-Wirth obviously knows how their machine works but the organization for drilling and installation of the steel shaft is yet another discipline.

Therefore and because of their years of experience Dutch Drilling Consultants, also working closely with Aker-Wirth in the development of the new PBA 936 and as their representative, was asked to carry out the complete project.

test shaft 3.JPG