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Westermost Rough

Seaway Heavy Lifting
North sea, UK
Jacket pinpiles
PBA 408
westermostRough index.jpg

The Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm consist of 35 6MW turbines. The site is located 8 km from the Holderness coast. For the transport of the electricity to the shore an substation is needed. The substation consist of a steel topside installed on a four legged steel jacket supported by piles.

The bedrock geology at the site constitutes a significant design challenge for the jacket piles, as the soil conditions throughout the surrounding region are composed of upper cretaceous chalk. These soil conditions pose a challenge with respect to driving the piles into the seabed. In case of refusal, DDC provided the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) for the PBA 408 drill rig, together with auxiliary equipment and procedures.