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Our expertise is available throughout your project. From the pre-engineering and bidding phase, we can assist in the selection of the right equipment for each specific project up to execution phase to advise on the work layout and complete project planning.

Sound advise to optimize your cycle time and adjust your drilling spread accordingly

We can indicate expected progress rates and advise on any necessary supporting equipment. Our advanced engineering team and high performance equipment allows our clients to reduce their cost. Which can result in a more competitive bid.

DDC has the knowledge and expertise in house to advise all over the world what the best drilling method is that has to be used and what tool is best suited. We are familiar with the different soil types and the most appropriate drilling methods for these types. We know which method should be used but we can also indicate whether an extra liquid such as Bentonit should be utilized. Also, we can, if the situation calls for, place a closed circulation system, whether located in a city or on sea or in the desert.

Involved from the front end engineering design (FEED) up to the project execution, DDC provides project specific consultancy solutions but is also the in house consultant for MHWirth. We provide feedback to make sure that the wishes from the jobsite will be processed in the construction phase of rigs, drill string items and tools. Further we develop new equipment, for example we have consulted MHWirth closely with the development of our self supporting drilling unit, the PBA 1450.