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Dutch Drilling Consultants (DDC) is specialized in vertical  and raked drilling in hard formations. We can drill the largest diameters and we are market leader in the Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) projects. Besides the renewable projects DDC is active in all kind of projects varying from onshore, near shore to offshore all over the world. We drill foundations for bridges, jetties, LNG terminals, mooring and anchor systems, oil&gas platforms and ventilation shafts for tunnels.

Specialist in drilling large diameters

Working together with our clients from tender phase until execution, we are always looking for the right drilling services to supply and creating every time the best final product for our client. This can vary from a common approach with the client during the design phase in order to obtain the ideal synergy between soil data, required equipment and end result, up to a complete self supporting drilling spread where we take the drilling operation out of the critical path.

DDC is a specialist in pile top drilling and has a wide range of pile top drill rigs suitable for all diameters from half a meter diameter up to 8 meter and beyond.  All top drill rigs are from our reliable partner Wirth which is the manufacturer of Pile Top rigs and drill string items and drilling tools. The PBA drill rigs are very robust and reliable, these drill rigs have operated in all kind of environments.




  • Tidal systems
  • Offshore Wind Farm


  • Oil and gas structures
  • Decommissioning


  • Harbors
  • Jetties
  • Dry docks
  • Dolphins


  • Civil constructions, bridge
  • High rise buildings
  • Riser/ventilation shafts