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Engineering and constrcution

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Projects have their different design and require a different approach. Therefore engineering of tailor made equipment is required and the construction and design has to made prior to each and every project. DDC engineers and constructs under the highest standards such as Noble Denton and Lloyds.

Fabrication of taylor made tools and structures to offer a complete package

Take in consideration that pile diameters and length vary on most of the projects and drill rig and drill string have to be prepared likewise. As in-house consultant for MHWirth we advise and consult on the latest developments regarding their range of PBA's. We also advice regarding drill string, cutters and auxiliary equipment such as pile clamps.

We are always searching for new solutions and co-develop the 'top of the range' drill rig which enables us to stay prepared and have the right rigs in place for the largest diameters requested in the future. This engineering and construction takes place during the production phase of our equipment, there are also our engineering and construction services which we offer during project development and of course during the project itself.

Besides the engineering and construction of a drill string we go further, DDC provides seafastening calculations, take care of the seafastening, do the rigging arrangements, arrange the transport which includes seafasting and lifting plans and even the transport of the barge itself. Having our own engineering department enables us to make the constructions required for specific projects.

DDC can provide complete drill rigs, drill strings or the components you need.


  • Drill pipes
  • Drill pipe stabilizer
  • Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA)
  • Cross over
  • Drill collar
  • Drill collar stabilizer
  • Under reamer
  • Drill bit
  • Cutters


  • Pile top adapter
  • Hang of beam
  • Sea fasting frame



In the event when discharge cannot be deposited directly on land or in the water, we can provide settlement systems:

  • Open system. (clean water flows freely away)
  • Closed system (clean water is reused)
setlement tanks.jpg